The VGX’s were awkward. I didn’t watch them, but Jacob messaged me the other day asking if I had saw anything. The only thing I saw was the one thing I sought out. Elijah Wood in Broken Age. Boo yah! I’m so excited for that game.

A couple notes on the VGX’s before I go into a Broken Age circle-jerk:

1) We hate Geoff Keighley. Yesterday his Wikipedia page said, “Geoff has also been heavily involved with Spike TV’s Video Game Awards shows over the past few years. None of them have ever been very good”. Today it’s not there, which I find hilarious.

2) Thank God for Tim Schafer being Tim Schafer. If there’s one man I would want to meet IRL, it’s that man.

So, Broken Age. I’ve been a backer on the Kickstarter since about day 2. I’ve been following along with the production through their documentary and I’m so freeeegin’ stoked. Initially, I was really disappointed that the game would be split into two parts.

Then I started talking it out with Jacob, and I realized it’s more than likely for the better. Based on Grim Fandango and Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer has a knack for creating natural stopping points in his stories. Both games have a brilliant story, only to be mildly concluded in the middle to pick back up “years later”. I think this will work better…

Razputin Aquato for President, 2016.