I got a text from Nickwood a week ago that read, “I may have forgot to say something sooner but I go on vacation starting Thursday to next wed.” Imagine my surprise. I had one day to either write two comics or I would be drawing them while Nickwood was having fun at PAX.

24 hours later, I was just wrapping up the second script when I get another text, “Going to bed. I can always draw on paper if you wanted to color it in Photoshop for me ;)” It looked like I had missed the boat and would have to draw these comics myself. Fun fact, the last time any of my art was used was 2/28/13 (when I burnt the comic down). I sent the scripts to Nickwood anyway and went to bed.

When I woke up, I had an email sent from Nickwood at 2am with two complete comics.

That Nickwood. What a guy. You’re going to be a great dad!