I practically begged Jacob to let me draw an easy comic today. Why, you ask? Because I want to play Pokemon. Is that too much to ask? I tend to think not.

Speaking of which. I’ll see you Thursday.

3D Pokemon is finally here! It looks amazing! It plays amazing..ly! It’s amazing! Accept for the part where only 10% of the game is compatible with the built in 3D of the 3DS. As soon as you get two character or Pokemon models on the screen, the 3DS performance is cut in half. I’ve always loved the 3D in the 3DS’s first party lineup. 3D is the whole point of the system and you can tell several parts of the 2D experience were made to be in 3D (like the signs that fall into the foreground each time you enter a new zone). I hope this isn’t the start of an unfortunate trend. I can’t imagine playing a Wii U game with no GamePad support.

Anyway, this comic isn’t too far from actual events. I spent 10 hours resetting the game to try and get a shiny Charmander. I changed the settings, party, and attacks to make it as quick and easy as possible. After 10 hours, I gave up. I didn’t give up because there is a 1/8000+ chance in getting a shiny Pokemon. I gave up because I wanted to keep playing the game. There is plenty of time to get a shiny once I’ve beaten the Elite Four.