What ever happened to just playing games? Why do we have to sign away our first born children and sacrifice a goat just to build a fake city?!

Fun fact: SimCity came out Tuesday, and no one could play it. Why, you ask? Because DRM that requires you to be connected to the internet the entire time you play a game was a good idea ever since it was conceived.

My ranting is over. How was your day? Mine was okay. A little slow and boring. But hey, that’s okay from time to time, right? I get what you’re saying. So heard you tried out the new salad buffet. Any good? I might have to give it a go. I don’t like trying new things, but I trust your opinion. I’ll make sure to save room for dessert. A chocolate waterfall? That’s just a gimmick. You could just dump normal melted chocolate on it. It tastes the same. Unless they have a waterfall the size of Willy Wonka’s. His waterfall like, mixed the chocolate or something. Or maybe it added air bubbles. I can’t remember exactly. But then the fat kid fell into the river and died. Wouldn’t that suck? For Willy Wonka? He wouldn’t be able to use any of that chocolate. That’s an entire RIVER of chocolate he’d just have to throw out. No chocolate filter I know of can get rid of the taste of fat kid butt crack. Oh. Too far? I’m sorry. Come back! Hey, we can go to the buffet together! No, don’t call me that! I love you!

What just happened.

Before I forget, this comic goes out to Lindsay (and Peder, but mostly Lindsay) over in Washington. Good luck you two!