We’re super excited about Pokemon X and/or Y. But mostly Y. If you haven’t watched Pokemon Origins, you should probably get on that.

Jacob and I both experienced confusion when starting up the second episode. Some play time had passed, and there was a weird recap thing that made it seem like an episode had been missed. It makes it especially confusing when everything is in Japanese, so you can’t even tell if you’re on the right episode.

And here we are, back on the couch.

Watching Pokemon Origins was amazing! I don’t think any show has captured so much raw nostalgia for me. The only thing that would have been better is if it was more than 4 episodes. When I told Nickwood to watch the series, I meantioned that the end was incredible. He asked me not to spoil anything. I quickly replied that Red beats the Elite Four.

He got mad.

(No spoilers unless you’ve never beaten ANY Pokemon game.)