The board members are back! They once had names, but I can’t be bothered to remember what they were.

1) Not sure why H.P. Lovecraft is on Sony’s marketing team, but I’m glad he is.

2) Also not sure why H.P. Lovecraft is dressed like it’s Halloween. Nor do I know why that cloak gives him a creepy smile.

3) Apparently these same guys work for Sony now instead of Bioware.

4) H.P. Lovecraft joke. Done. Put that in the books.

I’m always excited for video games, and I don’t have any fan-boy biases. I have all the systems, and play them all equally as if they were my children. Yes, I’m excited for a new Ps4, but so many things were wrong with the announcement.

1) Ooo! A touch pad? That was so beneficial to the Vita, I can’t WAIT to have this on a console controller! SAID NO ONE EVER!

2) We get it, you’re not Nintendo, and you’re not Microsoft. YOUR SYSTEM IS FOR “GAMERS”, FINE!

3) The way the talk about gamers, I feel like someone out there was like, “Yeah! I’m a gamer! I like Angry Birds and COD! They’re making the PS4 for me! Not my grandma! Suck it Wii and Kinect!”

4) Worst of all, why would you think you can announce a console and get away with NOT SHOWING IT.

All of these were almost comics. One of them was.

Here, I also made this for you guys:

There is an article on Kotaku about why Sony didn’t unveil their new system at the unveiling of there new system.

I call bullhonky. This is another attempt to one-up Nintendo.

When Nintendo made a successful motion controlled system, Sony one-upped them with a lolly pop controlled system.

Via it’s touch screen, Nintendo made a handheld you can interact with using your finger. Sony one-upped them with a handheld you CAN finger.

And now, when Nintendo announced the Wii U, the focus was on the controller. When Sony announced the Playstation 4, it WAS a controller.

That’s the most bull I’ve seen honkied in a long time.

…a long time.