Hello, and welcome to our 3rd day of this Mass Effect marathon. Today, our special guest is loosing my mind. Later in the show, we will show you how to make a heart healthy cake!

Seriously though. This marathon is the craziest thing I think I’ve ever done.

Kinect support in Mass Effect is the steadiest thing they could have ever waster their time on. My brother and I had a conversation when they first announced it, and the game was delayed, and it went a little something like this:

It was a waste of time. Having it in the game is even more of a waste of time. You walk up to a door by using your controller. Your hands are already on the controller. Now, instead of using your hands that are already on the controller to hit the ‘A’ button, you say, “Use.” and wait for the Kinect to detect you were in fact talking to the game. Then the game processes what you were asking the game to do, then does it. By the time all that has happened, you could have pressed the ‘A’ button another 5 times.

Join us tomorrow as Nickwood goes insane on camera.