Have you seen it yet? Who am I kidding. If you take the average ticket sale price, divided by the gigantic amount of money The Avengers made over the weekend by who I consider the target audience, 1 out of every 3 of you have seen it. I did the math, don’t make me show you.

You other 2, quit wasting time. Go see it. We can wait.

Seriously though. Joss Whedon. A god among men. There’s really not much else to say. Other than, I don’t actually think Mark has seen the movie yet. I’ve seen it twice. Jacob saw it, will probably go see it again.

As far as our title goes, I’m going to ruin something like Jacob ruined it for me. Every time there’s a scene change, the last line is ALWAYS a one liner. “Any other advise about the blue cube?!” “Should have left it alone. Cap’n OUT!” -CUT TO PLANE or INDONESIA or whatever…

You know how all the fan boys complain when source material is changed to fit new media?

How come no one is complaining about the lack of Ant Man in the Avengers movie? It’s going to be awkward when the Ant Man movie comes out and will have nothing to do with the Avengers. Maybe we’ll get an Avengers reboot in 2016!

Yay Ant Man!