For those of you out of the loop:

His legs are a little too shaky, his knees are a little too high, and why in the world would they change the animation from Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3?! I guess you work on George Lucas’ franchise for long enough you, much like Lucas himself once forgot, a very important lesson:

Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

It’s a mysterious phenomenon circa 1997, when a man made his first innocent attempts at forever immortalizing Star Wars in every generation’s child-hood. It started small, then spread like wild fire. People started making prequels, another Indiana Jones movie came out, someone keeps letting Michael Bay make movies, and now this.

Ever wonder what the opposite of the Midus Touch is? It’s simple. Just take a look at everything Lucas has touched in the last 2 decades.

Jacob will be posting later today. Until then, there’s more Mass Effect to be played.

I waited a long time to play Mass Effect 3. It was hard. I loved ME2. I didn’t want to ruin anything from Mass Effect 3. I didn’t play the demo, I didn’t read the comics, I didn’t read the spoilers. No matter where I turned, Bioware was trying to ruin the game for me. Little did I know, the game was ruined before I even played it.

When I started the game, I was surprised by the poor dialog animations. I was appalled by the running animations. There are no graphic options and I couldn’t find the key to holster my weapon. As I play, more and more things seem rushed… and I don’t like that.

I realized I’ve played another game recently where I felt like this: Uncharted 3. Uncharted 3 felt rushed. It still had great gameplay and animations, but the game simply didn’t compel me like the last one. I felt like the developers hit their stride and were just riding out Uncharted 2 with a worse story. At first, I thought Mass Effect 3 has all of these problems because of the multiplayer mode. It’s a fact that a game’s budget is split between the single player and multiplayer modes. It would make sense that a good single player is detrimented by a mediocre multiplayer… a multiplayer that shouldn’t be there in the first place. It makes me sad to know this isn’t why this game has problems… it was simply rushed.

Uncharted 2 was a better single player game than the original and the newest installment, yet, it was the first to implement multiplayer. I know Bioware has the animations to make a better looking game because I’ve already played those games. They said the reason why there is no controller support on PC is because they didn’t have the time to add the GUI for the controller. Guess what? They have that too because it’s in the XB360 version. You can change the graphic setting for the game… if you look thought your files to find a separate .exe just for the graphics. This is just being lazy.

I truly hope the story ends up saving this game. Nickwood and I are going to make a marathon of comics next week to commemorate the things I hate about ME3.