First, I hope you all are okay with me experimenting with Photoshop for a while. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I got some new brushes, so I’m attempting to draw in Photoshop vs. Flash.

Second of all, if you’ve been traveling with Dogmeat the entire game, you need to try a speaking companion. It was surprising to me how much it changes the dialog and parts of the story. Some times they’ll pipe in and give their thoughts. Right after drawing this comic, I hopped into Fallout 4. I was walking somewhere with Piper and a Railroad agent. Piper said something generic like, “Boy, that’s disgusting…” And the agent began having a conversation with her.

Honestly, I guess I’m mostly surprised at the level of love I feel was put into this game. It’s unfortunately rare this day for a studio other than Nintendo to spend time on the little things in their game (that Nintendo polish, I’ve heard it called) instead of rushing a game to shelves to make money.

Fallout 4. Game of the Year. I hope. It certainly deserves it.