Jacob recently said, “I need to beat Wonderful 101 by tomorrow.” By recently, I mean two days ago. Stupidly, I asked him why. He says, very matter-of-fact-ly, “GTA V, duh.”

Jacob rode off into the sunset after that. Whether or not he beat it, well, let’s just say the legend of Jacob’s Wonderful 101 was never finished. GTA V came out, and some say he may found a new life in there. Settled down and found a wife and kids.

Some say he was able to finish Wonderful 101, and went into GTA V after such vigorous use of his fingers, he exploded. Either way, Jacob was never heard from again…

I picked up Wonderful 101 on Sunday. I read all of the reviews and I played the demo so I knew what to expect. On the outside, it looks like a kids game… and it might very well be on the easiest difficulty. The good reviews of the game explain that there is no real tutorial to be found. At first (and all through the demo) I was struggling to keep track of what was going on. The screen looks like a kaleidoscope of HeroClix being spun in a dryer.

After a while, maybe an hour or two, it just starts to make sense. The Gametrailers review compared elements of the combat to pulling off super moves in a fighting game. When I use the right weapon at the right time, it leaves me feeling very satisfied. The combat feels as competitive with myself as much as any of the enemies on the screen. It’s a feeling I get when playing Monster Hunter or Dark Souls.

What the game excels at most is the atmosphere. It feels like I’m playing a Japanese Saturday morning cartoon starring the Power Rangers. It constantly pokes fun at the situations in the game as well as various tropes Japanese super hero shows rely on. It’s just a blast!

Unfortunately, they decided to release the game two days before the biggest launch of the year. Here I am, writing my impressions for a game I will not likely play in the coming days. I’ve never had a time frame to get a post up until today. As soon as GTA is done installing, I’m gone.

I’m gone!