I hope you like love stories. Here’s one for you. Back in the fresh eyes of a freshman in highschool, this naive soul of mine crossed with another’s that belonged to a naive beauty that called herself Shelbie. Years passed and these two souls fell deeply in love. So deeply in love that they decided to get married. Married this Friday.

Back we made “Ruined Children’s Stories” I learned how to take the painting skills I had acquired outside of the computer and translate them pretty went to Photoshop. I was proud of what I had created, but I was more excited about the new skill I had developed.

So our marriage is rolling around and Shelbie made me promise I wasn’t going to draw a comic for the weeks surrounding the wedding. As a wedding present, I agreed I’d accept the promise and immortalize it on our website.

So I drew up this sequential love story in the style I had learned with “Ruined Children’s Stories”. I went to Jacob and said, “What would you think about a blah blah, sappy, silly idea?” Jacob thought about it and laughed at the idea. I made it clear my ridiculous idea was not a lie. Jacob said he thought it would be cool with him. To which I replied, “Good, because I already made them.”

I hope you enjoy them. They hold a special place in my heart, and you’re all going to have to deal with this until I return a married man. See you soon…