They said it couldn’t be done. A The Cave/Star Wars crossover. Only at, folks. And don’t forget it.

The Cave is fun. And you have no idea how hard it is to make a joke when the game has all the jokes in it! I was watching the trailer, and I was like, “Oh! There’s a house in the cave, I bet we can make a joke about that!”

Then I got to that point in the game…

The cave (it talks) says, “You have no idea the building permits I had to get to build this down here.” DAMMIT! Why did that have to say it! I was so close to writing a comic about it!

I really do like the game. I’m not just saying this because Double Fine is the greatest studio ever, but please give this game a chance. The layout of the platforms are set up in a way were it shows you everything you have available.

The puzzles are basically solved like: “Well, I need to blow up that wall. But the sticks of dynamite kill me if I just hold it. All I have is a bucket. Alright, let’s climb back up and see if I missed anything. Nope, I didn’t miss anything. Well, I also have a shovel, but that’s not going to do anything. Let’s climb back up. Nope nothing misse– Wait. I wonder if I can put the water in the buc- OH! I put the water in the– then I take it down, and the dynamite– it won’t kill me and– NOW I GET IT!”

The atmosphere is amazing. The art all flows, makes it feel like one congruent world. The character select is simple an intuitive. The puzzles are hard, but not too hard. It has replay value. There’s no stupid tutorial stage, you just figure it out. For a couple hour game, the characters have surprising depth. I LOVE IT. It doesn’t have the best polish in the world, but it really didn’t affect the experience all that much.

If I had to give this a score, I’d have to give it a triple salchow out of a banana milkshake.

Seriously though.