Nick “Nickwood” Wood
Nickwood started out with webdesign when he was 11 (2003), began working in animation when he was 13 (2005), and began making games technically since 2007. No we’re doing webcomics…
Preferred Side-kick name: Constable Waffles
Domestic Animal of Choice: Cat
Preferred Assassinated President: James Garfield; This hero of a man lived 11 weeks with a gunshot wound before finally keeling over. Good job, Jimmy G.!
Nickname People Have Actually Given Me: Nickwood; Nicki-Jimmy; Nick James; Nick Would-drown’t Wilson; Brawny Man; Scrawny Brawny; Jimmy Neutron. I have no real name.
Nickwood! If you could bring one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
Simple! A boat.
Jacob Carberry
Jacob has been known for mastering the art of awesomeness since the age of 3, even completing a double back-flip 720° by the age of 5.
Preferred Side-kick name: Swarmworth, ruler of the under-sphere.
Domestic Animal of Choice: Giraffes. I’ll domesticate them…
Favorite Plate of Food: Sacrificed Pizza.
Personal Heroes: Me.
Jacob! If you could bring one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
Nickwood. He should have to suffer too.

All of these were made up by Nickwood, and most of them are probably false. We’ll get real answers soon.

We are awesome. What else do you want from us?