More penis jokes. Who could complain.

I won’t say that Shelbie doesn’t walk into these conversations often, so much as we kind of structure our conversations to sound like this. Poor thing married me… I feel so bad for her.

Hey all! You may have noticed some changes on the site recently. I’ve been hounding Nickwood to get higher resolution comics up for a while now. Who knew it would take the whole site coming down and manually uploading each comic just to get it?

Well, I sure did!*

The cost of running the site has increased as well. We’ve thrown a few ads on the front page to help offset these new costs. Those of you savvy interwebz types might consider doing us a favor and disabling your add blockers when you’re here. We promise not to have anything more annoying than a couple of banners. Remember, we use the internet too. Popups are the reason I have an add blocker in the first place.

Because we’re running googles ads, as long as your cookies are clean, (I’m looking at you…you know who you are) you shouldn’t worry about clicking any of the ad links. The only adds I’ve seen so far were for FFXIV, JcPenny, Alienware, and Dish.

Alienware…really? People still buy those?

Anywho, we’re going to be beefing up a few elements on the site and putting more effort into our social endeavors. If you haven’t yet, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. I’m really exited for some big things we have in the works. Stay tuned!

*No I didn’t.