It really is too bad… If you had asked me 10 years ago to list my favorite video game studios, Telltale would have been one of them. With awesome games like Sam and Max, Strongbad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Puzzle Agent, they had a loyal customer. Despite constantly working off the same flawed game engine, I was eager to get my hands on what they had to offer.

Then they decided to start making glorified visual novels on the same poor game engine. Eventually one of those games one Game of the Year, somehow, and ever since then that’s all they put out.

Objectively, the original intent of the studio was flawed. They were putting out point-and-click adventure games, of which had been dead long before they started making new Sam and Max games. Eventually, they’d find something that made money and shift all of their focus onto that. Then eventually their customers would get sick of shelling out even $20 for the same garbage over and over.

Hey Telltale, maybe you should have invested in making actual games before you went out and started getting your hands on any franchise you could. Maybe you should have gone back to making anything remotely enjoyable. I wish I was surprised to see this day come. But Telltale, you broke my Telltale Heart…

Don’t worry, I’m not bitter or anything.