Shelbie and I had an opportunity to play Lego Dimensions at Pax Prime. There are a lot of unique mechanics that use the ‘portal’ and some creativity you won’t see with Skylanders or Disney Infinity. The guy demoing the game told us all you need are the little bases the mini-figs come on. You can pull the figures off, replace them, whatever your heart desires. He literally said, “If you can some how manage to make a life size Delorean out of legos, and some how managed to attach the base in a way that you could put it on the portal, you could use that in the game.

So now I imagine it’s Jacob’s goal to acquire the millions of Legos that would require, creating a Lego monopoly.

I’m actually really excited about Lego Dimensions. They are working on some really cool things I can’t wait to get my hands on. Like the vehicles? They have a set number of Legos with them and instructions on how to assemble them. Then as you play on in the story, the vehicle in the game changes. Likewise, they give you instructions on how to reassemble the existing pieces into that vehicle, so you can have it on your base as well!