Do yourself a favor. Click here, and look at the title of the page. In fact, I’ll save you a step. The title of the page for the new iPad is, “The new iPad – It’s breakthrough because its features are.”

It is breakthrough because its features are.

That makes no sense! When someone makes a joke about someone soon after they died, they will often ask (half-heartedly), “Too soon?” Yes, too soon. You wouldn’t have asked that if you didn’t think it was too soon.

Do you think corporations have the same rule when making horrible decisions? The new iPad is an absolutely horrible name. Unless this is a sad attempt at rising Steve Jobs from his grave in anger, someone should be fired for that name. Not only is it bad, but the ‘new’ should be capitalized! It’s part of a proper noun! Yet there it is, sitting in all of it’s lower-case… glory?

Jacob brought this article to my attention last night. After Steve Jobs is out of the picture, they just start implementing the things he thought were bad ideas?! There is no method to this madness. Yet, people will keep buying their poorly named garbage.

Even in the year 2018…

It turns out Steve Jobs not only had all of the ideas, but he came up with the names and proof read the webpage titles. Oh how we miss you Mr. Jobs. I can’t wait to get my iPhone 5 this year…or the new iPhone…or whatever they call it.

My money’s on “the iPhone that’s newer than the new iPad…uh…SIRI!”