Pokemon Bank, blah blah blah, some interesting post, etc, etc. My turn to just vent. It may seem random, but trust me. It’s just anger piled up on anger over the past few weeks.

I hate drawing hands. More than anything in the world, I hate hands. I’ve coped with drawing feet, and looked at how plenty of other artists draw feet, and I’ve been able to replicate it and fit into my own style.

That never works for hands. I don’t care how many I look at.

I think Jacob’s New Year Resolution was to make me draw more hands. I swear. He knows I like to hide hands anywhere I can. Especially go back and look at my early stuff. We were usually on the bottom of the panel or off the panel just enough that I only had to draw a bump.

The last 10 comics, hands have made a decently prominent appearance in our comics. I’m getting better sure, but DAMN! That’s like 5 weeks! Can’t a man get a break!?

I hate hands, and I hate Jacob. The end!

@nickwood we already did a comic where you got to draw stumps for hands. NEVER AGAIN!

I guess “game of the year” awards are on their way out. This year, everything seems to be making “top 10 games of the year.” They’re very opinionated and tell you a lot about the individual who made the list.

I thought it would make more sense to find out what games you played the most and make a top 10 out of that. I looked up my play time for the games I played last year… here are the results:

1. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (362 hours)
2. Animal Crossing (160 hours)
3. Pokemon Y (113 hours)
4. Battlefield 4 (102 hours)
5. Dragon’s Dogma (84 hours)
6. Grand Theft Auto V (25 hours)
7. The Last of Us (22 hours)
8. Assassin’s Creed IV (20 hours)
9. Ni No Kuni (20 hours)
10. Fire Emblem Awakening (16 hours)

*World of Warcraft and FFXIV would appear on this list but there is no way to check my time played for 2013.